Tree Climbing Spikes

What you need to know, and all about tree climbing spikes

Tree Climbing Spurs

When it comes to climbing trees, it is out of the question that people are not going to be able to climb the trees without any support at all. This is why manufacturers invent tree climbing spurs. These spurs provide support that makes it easier for people in order to go up a tree. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of cheap tree climbing spurs people can avail these days. Yet, they should bear in mind that cheap does not necessarily mean that the spurs are made of cheap materials. What cheap really means in this case is that these people get what is worth the price they pay for the spurs.

With that being said, people should bear in mind that the spurs they purchase come with good quality materials that are also comfortable to put on. They should make sure that the tree climbing spurs they are going to use is neither worn to point with some holes nor some torn stitches.

Then, the next thing people should consider regarding cheap spurs is whether or not they are able to adjust the spurs to their particular needs. Though they will mostly find modern spurs adjustable, there are still some old-fashioned tree climbing spurs that are non adjustable out there these days.

At times, some people tend to mistake pole climbing spurs with the tree climbing ones. But they can avoid this by paying attention to the gaffs on the climbers. If the gaffs are short enough, which means they may cause people to fall off trees having thick bark, they can feel pretty sure that those are the pole climbing spurs instead of the tree climbing ones. Fortunately, though, there are some gaffs that people can replace making it possible to use the spurs as either the pole climbing or the tree climbing spurs.

At this point of time, people should pay attention to the wearing straps and good buckle operation of the tree climbing spurs. Some of them come with split rings as well. As such, it is often necessary to check if there are any cracks between the split rings. If there are, replacement is of absolute importance but it is often pretty easy.

The pads and straps of most of the tree climbing spurs in existence can be replaced pretty easily as well. However, the unfortunate thing about replacing the pads and straps of the tree climbing spurs is that they can often cost far more than what people pay for the spurs themselves.