Tree Climbing Spikes

What you need to know, and all about tree climbing spikes

Tree Climbing Spikes

Tree climbing spikes are considered to be a crucial tool when climbing trees, telephone or hydro poles. These spikes are fastened to the climber’s boots in order to allow the climber to get an ideal hold by digging into the tree or pole, preventing them from falling. Tree climbing spikes are generally made of stainless steel and they are available in various lengths. Usually there is a component that attaches these spikes to the bottom of the foot and leg of the climber. This usually consists of a wrap that goes around the climber’s ankle, foot and lower leg. The bottom part of this device is left open at the front and heel, with a bar under the foot, giving support to the arch of the climber’s foot. The semi flexible portion of the wrap is wrapped around the lower portion of the climber’s leg and is protected by fast release resistance buckles. On the inner wall of this wrap is a spike mount that releases one set of spikes of variable length for accommodating various types of trees.

Climbing is considered to be a thrilling and daring sport which demands good technique and competencies. There are far more challenges involved in climbing trees than many other sports. For that reason you need to use any safety equipment available to you to help reduce the risk and prevent injury. Spikes are the greatest possible device to use for climbing trees. If you are serious in climbing trees then you are going to need spikes to help make your climbing less difficult. Tree climbing spikes are the tools needed when climbing trees. They are attached to the climber’s boots to provide grip to dig into the tree.

You will find two kinds of climbing spikes out there. You are going to have to determine which type is most suitable to you. These are short and long tree climbing spikes.

Short spikes are usually made of stainless steel and are around an inch in length. They are used for climbing telephone/hydro poles and trees with semi-thick bark. Climbers weighing up to 400 pounds are able to use these.

Long spikes are also usually made of stainless steel and are around two inches in length. They are used for climbing trees with thick bark. They can also be used by climbers weighing up to 400 pounds.

If you’re not experienced with using tree climbing spikes, and looking to be a climbing expert, then you’ll most likely want to invest in the long spikes. They come in different shapes and forms to accommodate your specific preference and needs. It is crucial to have safe climbing spikes which make the task of tree climbing much easier. Don’t forget that they are pretty much the only support keeping you in the tree. There are many benefits of tree climbing spikes. You should assess your needs and take time in order to get the proper kind of spikes to suit your demands.